Floyd and Floyd Screen by Åsa Pärson

Floyd is a discreet and precise upholstery textile designed by Åsa Pärson. It offers an optimal combination of man-made and natural materials: the durability of polyester yarns with the natural expression of undyed wool yarns.

Floyd and Floyd Screen by Åsa Pärson

The wool yarns, which are processed as little as possible, give the surface of Floyd a subtly striated look. This effect is emphasised by the solid, bolder colours of the polyester yarns.

Due to the natural properties of the wool, small clusters of yarn may appear on the surface of Floyd. This effect, which is more pronounced in the lighter colourways, gives the textile a playful look.

The 23 colourways of Floyd offer different interpretations of primary and secondary colours, such as blue, red and green. They combine classic neutral nuances, such as cream, with highlight tones like intense greens and pinks.

Furthermore, Floyd Screen – a thinner, lighter version of Floyd especially for wall panels, desk screens and similar applications – is also available. It comes in 13 selected colourways from the Floyd range.